Working With Small Audiences On Facebook


Working With Small Audiences On Facebook

Have you ever wondered how to work with a small list or with a small geographic location on Facebook? A lot of people think they need to target a couple of million users in order to be successful with their Facebook advertising.

The reality is that you only need a handful of the correct prospects for your ads to be successful. However, let’s take a look at what happens with the “potential target” on Facebook and how does it work.

Just because Facebook is showing you that your ad will reach 2 or 3 million people, it doesn’t mean that it will actually be shown to all of them. In fact, when you’re determining a Campaign Objective, it will only tap into a specific “pool” or “group” from that audience.

For example, when you set up a Conversion Campaign, and your targeting says that your ad will reach 2 million people, in reality, you’re only tapping into a small portion of that big audience. Facebook will only show your ad to those people that are prone to convert.

If you want to effectively target ALL of that audience, you need to try with different objectives, different campaigns, and different optimization methods.

With that in mind, let’s see how to effectively target a small area or a small list using Facebook advertising.

20 People Is All You Need

It is said that Facebook works better when targeting 1000+ people in any specific Custom Audience. While this can be true when creating Lookalike Audiences (you can create them with 100 people in a list, but it’s always better to work with 1000+ people), you can target an audience starting from 20 people.

The minute you had 20 people visiting your website, your pages or engaging with your Facebook page, you can start serving ads to them.

This is especially true when you’re working with local businesses that have small lists, or with a brand spanking new projects that need to generate some revenue fast. So in reality, 20 people are all you need to start serving ads to them.

If this is the case, I’d suggest you optimize your ads for Daily Unique Reach instead of Conversions. That way, you make 100% sure that you’re at least reaching everyone in that audience once a day.

However, should you have a client with a decent list (1000+ past patients or subscribers, etc.), then, by all means, use the power of lookalike audiences to get the most juice out of the next section.

Showing Low Results? Target Anyways!

Now, when dealing with local clients, that’s another story. Most advertisers tend to go crazy with targeting, layering, and whatnot. As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t really matter what the “potential” reach says (again, it’s potential), but the actual configuration of your campaign.

For example, I’m working with a local gym right now, and I’m targeting broad interests (within their desired demographics), because most of the targeting will be done by the area anyway. So if you target broad interests (fitness, health, and exercise in this case), you can get a decent amount of reach.

But what happens when Facebook shows you “Low Results”… On these cases, I’d just go and target them anyways! Launch the ad set or ad sets with different optimization methods (as I mentioned above) and see what brings in the most results.

Use Audience Insights To Broaden Your Interests

Last but not least, use that (sometimes forgotten but super powerful) tool called Audience Insights. You can plug your target location as well as your demographic in, and the Facebook Audience Insights will show what are people caring about.

That way you can have additional data and interests to target these audiences. In the example above for the gym I’m working on, I added their demographic details, and the Facebook Audience Insights did the heavy lifting for me. On this case, I only need to see what other interests they are following so I can target them accordingly.

Again, this is a brand new project, and we are building an audience from scratch, but if you have a list or some engagement in your Facebook page or Instagram profile, you can use these audiences as a basis for your targeting efforts. Just plug them on Facebook Audience Insights and see what other interests you can target on the platform.

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