Why Your Facebook Ads Might Not Be Working In 2019

“Why your Facebook Ads Might Not Work in 2019”.

With Facebook ads being so competitive and complex right now, I know this is a broad question.

If you’d ask me “Why my ads are not working?” in one of my Facebook group Q&As, I’d probably tell you that I’ll need to check the entire thing (funnel, creatives, etc.) before actually helping you.

So this isn’t, by any means, an exhaustive list. But it could give you some pointers as yo why your ads might not be working as you expect them to be.

Facebook Ads And Funnel Amplification

So, what exactly is “Funnel Amplification”.

What this basically means is that whatever type of advertising you’re running, regardless if it’s Facebook Ads, Google Ads or ANY other type of traffic at all…

The traffic will only amplify what’s already there.

This is what I call “Funnel Amplification”.

In short, Facebook ads are NOT the end-all-be-all of advertising, they will just amplify what’s already going on with your funnel!

I see and hear lots of people saying stuff like “If I ran some Facebook ads, my problems would go away”, or stuff like “I have the greatests idea in the world, I just need someone to run my ads”.

That’s usually a mind-trap.

It’s like saying “I have the best recipe for a cheese burger, I just need someone to deliver 10.000 people to my store every hour!”.

If you don’t have the logistics in place, the team and the overall structure, you’ll fail miserably.

So 9 times out of 10, the problem is not the ads themselves, but rather whatever you’re using as a funnel!

Remember: Facebook ads will amplify what’s already there.

If you’re having zero conversions with your offer as it is, Facebook ads will not make your offer better.

If anything, them will make things worse because now you have the pressure of spending lots of money and getting little to no results!

Piece Out Your Funnel And Work Backwards

Now that you have some ideas on why your Facebook ads might not be working, here’s what I like doing…

I like piecing out my funnel and then working backwards.

For example, I was talking to a coaching client yesterday, and we were going through his numbers… He was worried because he was spending some money on Ads and he wasn’t having any results.

So we went through his funnel numbers… and we found something interesting.

His Cost Per Click was through the roof!

He was buzzing with ideas on setting up a webinar, and then doing some retargeting, and doing this and this and that…

And I plain and simply told him “No, dude, we need to lower your CPC first”.

That’s easily done. All you need to do is to split test some more images, some more copy, maybe some video ads, and just keep what’s working.

Once that’s done and you have some more data, then you can move onto the next step… say the landing page conversions, etc.

Bottom line is: Focus on one thing at a time and make it better!

Once I piece out my funnel, I need to know my numbers. And I usually do this hypothetically.

So, for example, if I’m selling a $1000 product on a webinar, I want to have a 2:1 ratio. So my cost per acquisition should be $500.

That’s the most I want to pay per customer.

Once I know that, I can calculate my webinar conversion rate.

Say it’s 2%.

So I’ll need 100 attendees to get 2 sales.

If I want to pay max $500 per sale, then I’d have spent $1000 to get those 2 sales. So I need to pay $10 per attendee maximum, and so on.

So you work backwards until you figure out your numbers.

At that point, you know how much you can pay per click, pay per lead, pay per attendee, etc.

Numbers are really important. Even if you have zero data right now, you can always recur to your past experience and your imagination when it comes to acquisition, etc.

Once you have these numbers, you can launch a couple of campaigns and see how they pan out.

Remember: Facebook ads will only amplify what’s already there.

If your offer is weak, your ads will be weak.

If your offer is a killer, then go ahead and run some killer ads!

Here’s a video I recorded explaining the concept of “Funnel Amplification”.


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