What The Super Bowl Can Teach Us About Great Ads


Great Advertisements

Sometimes we get so caught up on our own niche and marketplace that we don’t look around for inspiration.

I think that there’s a lot out there we can learn from, including inspiration for our ads and communication.

(These Geico Ads are plain amazing)

One thing that I’ve been looking at are Super Bowl ads.

If you think about it, these guys are spending some big money and those ads need to be on point.

Plus there’s always a team behind these ads, so the pointers are there. You just need to adapt them for your audience.

Let’s see what principles they’re applying so you can do the same with your advertising.

Principles Of Winning Super Bowl Ads


What you need to have in mind in every type of advertising is that people can get your point quick, but it’s also impactful.

This is usually driven home by your headlines on your landing pages, but it can be the overall message of a Video ad, for example.

Making your words concise and brief will help you getting there. Don’t use complicated words. Just K.I.S.S (keep it super simple!).


We use unexpectedness a lot in Video Sales Letters and copy. It’s also known as “Pattern Interrupt”.

It works really well to break with the apathy and the “protection” of the brain, because it gets people surprised.

(Also, if you check The Power Of Marketing Video Sales Letter, it starts with a pattern interrupt).

Credibility Or Social Proof

We use this a lot on our sales letters and advertising, but it’s also fun to see how other brands are doing it.

Your message needs to be backed up with credibility, and this is largely done with social proof or hard facts.

Besides, calling a reputable source makes you look amazing, don’t you think?

In any case, testimonials and hard facts can help you driving your point home.

Check out this ad:

Emotions and Storytelling

We talked about the importance of Storytelling and Emotions in your ad copy, but this is taken to the max when you’re watching Super Bowl ads.

Emotions can be a powerful driver for action. People can rally for and against a cause if the correct emotions are triggered.

Also using storytelling can help you driving your message home.

In fact, most stories can drive emotions to your viewers or readers.

Let me know what you think of it!


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