What Are The Cheapest Sources Of Traffic

Cheapest Sources Of Traffic

A lot of you guys have been asking me what my favorites sources of cheap clicks are.

I need to say though that even with the avalanche of clicks that you might get when implementing these strategies, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to get results.

What do I mean?

People often mistake clicks with traffic or traffic with sales.

Trust me: You will get a lot of traffic if you start using the techniques I’ll show you below, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get buyers!

There are a lot of “vanity” metrics out there. Metrics that make you look or feel good, but doesn’t make your bank account grow.

You’re looking for buyers and results, not clicks or traffic.

As long as you have that very present, and you use these tools to grow your client base (with retargeting or as part of a bigger strategy), you will reap the benefits.

So let’s get going!

Pay Per View Ads

The Pay Per View or PPV ad networks allow you to get a lot of cheap (really cheap) traffic to any website.

Think about those pop-unders that you see whenever you’re surfing around. Or if you installed a pesky toolbar and then you get your desktop flooded with browsers…

That, my friend, are Pay Per View ad networks targeting you.

Advertisers there are not being charged per click but per impression. It’s like having your entire website being printed in someone else’s screen.

The traffic you can get from this is cheap, and some ad networks have some really big targeting abilities.

I’ve used this only on a limited basis and discovered that I didn’t get a lot of results (again, traffic does not equal buyers).

But you’re welcome to try as there are a lot of people killing it with this method.

Some PPV/CPV networks are:

Solo Ads

This can be another source of really cheap clicks.

Solo ads are placement on someone else’s email list.

In fact, there are some people out there openly selling spots on their email list, and they’ll make a “blast” to their list, sending traffic to your website or landing page.

The difference between solo ads providers and affiliates is that solo ads will charge you on a clicks basis.

So you’re basically purchasing clicks to your website.

If you have a landing page that you want to test, this is a good way of doing it. For split tests, it also works well.

However, the quality of this traffic is not the best (that’s why it’s so cheap!).

Most people on these lists will sign up for pretty much anything. And they’re focused on Business Opportunities, Work From Home and MLMs.

However, if you feel you could run with this traffic, go for it! I’ve tested it, and results (a.k.a: Sales) were not the best.

To get in touch with some solo ads providers, you need to join some Facebook groups.

Here are some of them:

Facebook Ads

Yes, you’ve read that right: Facebook can be an excellent source of cheap traffic.

How do I know? Because I’ve tested it! 😛

Some placements on the Facebook Ads platform are cheaper than others. For example, the Audience Network.

Most of the Audience Network placements are mobile phone apps and games. The quality of this traffic is not the best, but it’s really cheap!

I use the Audience Network only when I’m doing retargeting. For general cold traffic campaigns, I go with other placements (Like messenger or the timeline).

But one great way of leveraging these cheap clicks is to send people to an article using the Audience Network.

If you have a semi-educational landing page, you can run some really cheap traffic based on interests, from the Audience Network, and then retarget these folks into an offer of sorts.

The other option for cheap Facebook ads clicks is Video Views! I still say that this is one of the fastest ways of growing an audience fast in this day an age.

If you can get a viral video or a really valuable piece of content uploaded to Facebook, you can run a Video Views campaign!

Granted, these are not clicks to a landing page (although you can get some clicks here and there), but you can then retarget these folks with ads for a lead magnet or an offer!
What I like about Facebook ads above any other thing are its targeting capabilities.

Other than Solo Ads and PPV networks, you cannot target the way you do it on Facebook, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get cheap clicks and build an audience super fast!

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