mobile advertising campaigns

Results Of Running Mobile Campaigns

mobile ad campaigns

Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Let’s face it, we live in a mobile first world now.

The mobile searches on Google have surpassed desktop searches.

In fact, according to this article, mobile devices are driving 56% of the traffic to top sites!

And most of the traffic you will get for your social media ads (like Facebook Ads) is from mobile anyways!

Here are some of the results I’m having while running a mobile only campaign on Facebook.

That marqued square is my ROI when running mobile ads!

If you want to run mobile only Facebook ads, you need to go here:

Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Now, here’s the thing…

Mobile ads need to send people to a mobile friendly landing page.

Most landing page builders and website builders are mobile optimized right now.

And they’ll even allow you to create mobile versions of your landing pages.

WordPress, for example, have several themes that are responsive (meaning that they adapt to the size of the browser as you navigate through them).

Here’s a quick and handy tool that will tell you if your website is mobile friendly.

You can test pretty much any landing page in there and make sure you’re mobile friendly.

And if you or your client are not… guess what? That’s a good service to offer to them!

Mobile Friendly Ads

Now let’s move into ads…

There’s an specific way of doing ads (specifically video ads) so that they are mobile friendly.

In fact, pretty much all of the video ads we’re testing right now on Facebook have this specific characteristic, because they show much better results.

I’m talking about square ads.

If you’re running ads on Facebook, it doesn’t really matter if you choose to run them as “mobile only”, I’d suggest you do some square video ads.

Also known as 1:1 aspect ratio.

This suggests that if you’re recording an horizontal video (for YouTube for example), all you need to do is crop it in the middle.

If you’re recording it vertically (think for IGTV for example), you’ll need to do the same.

Images are also not an exception. You want to use square images for your ads whenever possible!

Remember that most of your content will be displayed on mobile anyways, and if you edit them square, you’ll also be able to reuse it for several networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

With both mobile friendly landing pages and Facebook ads, you should be able to see a decrease in your traffic costs and an increase in your ROI get better results!

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