social media engagement

Quick Tips That Can Increase Your Social Media Engagement Right Now

social media engagement

How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Social Media platforms are full of noise, full of distractions and full of opportunity. Sure, you may have thousands of followers, or maybe just a few, but do they engage?

What is Social Media Engagement?

Sprout Social defines Social media engagement as “essentially like a long-term relationship. You can imagine a committed and lengthy relationship takes dedication, readiness to adapt, the ability to think about the future and ensure the other party involved is happy for years to come.”

As a marketer, tracking engagement is key.

It may not produce measurable, immediate results, but in the long term it can increase the chances that more people will see, and take a desired action. Maybe they buy something from you, maybe they sign up for something, maybe they click that link you want them to.

Here’s a video on how to get your Facebook Engagement Back:

Engagement Is The Path To Sales.

Whatever your desired action is, engagement is what you’re looking for and should be the underlying goal of every message you send out, every post you make and every link you share.

Here’s the thing, most algorithms are built to show people what the algorithm “thinks” the user is looking for. They base this judgment on what and who the user interacts with.

In the end engagement is all about trust. And building trust takes time. Once you build trust, you’ll get that engagement, and with the engagement comes desired actions and reactions. Such as buying something from you.

Interaction Is The First Step To Creating Engagement.

In essence, you want to interact with your followers as much as possible and as often as possible. This is how you build a community. Interaction allows you to better understand your followers, and a chance for your followers to get to know you.

So how do you go about doing this consistently? How do you make working toward engagement part of your daily method of operation(DMO)?

The following are some tips and ideas for you to either watch out for or incorporate into your DMO, if you’re not doing them already. Also, keep in mind, you don’t need to do everything. But, at least incorporating a few of these things can only help.

  1. Creating striking content. Striking content can be little known facts, humor, infographics, images, videos and even polls. This type of content can get many shares and new visitors. Step outside the box, and try to have fun with your audience. Be knowledgeable and always try to provide value.
  2. Customize your content for your audience. Understanding your audience is key. It allows you to know what products to sell, what messaging to use and what the pain points are. Knowing all this makes selling a whole lot easier. But your audience may be diverse. So customizing your content to better interact with your audience is essential for your overall engagement. For example, you may have a blog post that benefits your entire audience, but different parts of your blog content may be more important to different segments of your audience. Targeting different segments of your audience by highlighting portions of your content that is most relevant to them can increase interaction, and in the long term…engagement.
  3. Tracking your timing. Understanding when the majority of your audience is important for interaction and engagement. If your audience is normally active in the A.M. then schedule your content to go out during that time. If you’re not doing this, your content could get buried underneath all the noise on timelines. Then no one sees it, and you just wasted time and money.
  4. Outreach. Reaching out to similar or complementary services and product providers can broaden your customer base exponentially. Look for influencers within your niche, news providers and collaboration opportunities. Offer free content or a service and cater to their audience. And because these collaborators are complementary and not competition, they will most likely be open to your offer. Cross channel promotions can be great for an income boost. Being recommended by an expert creates instant engagement as long as you interact.

Social media can be a large portion of your marketing attribution by figuring out a content and action formula that takes the above into consideration. Take some time studying your audience, your target customers and your market in general. Test your messaging to see what works best. Figure your timing. And reach out to other entrepreneurs that complement what you are doing. Put it into a system and scale.

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