Make Those Emails Sell For You!


Email Marketing ROI

One of the channels responsible for the higher growth for all my companies have always been email marketing.

Even at this point, with people’s inboxes filled with SPAM and other marketers’ emails, I still find Email Marketing to have a really high ROI for all of my campaigns.

The way I used to do it was pretty simple:

You’d come in my email list, and I’d send you an email a day during 30 days… and that’s it.

Then you’d go into my “broadcast” bucket, which is a fancy way of saying “everyone that didn’t purchase and I’d manually send an email to”.

That was, since I started working with Active Campaign, which was a game changer.

On this short tutorial, I’ll walk you through the process of setting up a Welcome/Indoctrination/Sales sequence, so that you can sell your products to every lead that you capture, on autopilot!

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