Let’s Talk About Facebook Groups


So today, I wanted to talk of you guys wanting to get a Facebook Group together and if it’s worth your time.

Since I’ve been growing a couple of groups for the past year, I can say that Facebook groups are a great way of spreading your message and fostering a community of people.

But most importantly, it’s a great way to control the conversation.

If you think about it, Facebook created groups so that people could engage about specific topics and ideas.

In fact, everything within Facebook has to do with engagement.

And initially, Facebook group had unparallel reach and impressions on users’ timelines.

However, that has been equalized a bit by Facebook, since it’s becoming more and more a “pay to play” space.

Groups still have lots of reach and they are great to foster communication and drop the occasional sale.

Here are some of the insights and latest growth of my Facebook group:

Here’s some ideas if you want to grow your Facebook group and how we’re using it at Hernan Vazquez Media LLC to collect information and launch new products.


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