Instagram Stories For Marketers And Business Owners


Instagram Stories For Marketers And Business Owners

I have something super cool to share with you today, and it entices, among other things, the use of Instagram Stories.

As you may know already, I upload a decent amount of content to my YouTube channel every week.

In fact, I made a point to upload at least 2 videos per week.

So I need to sit down and record the damn thing, every single week.

Then my boy Cesar (the video editor) will take up and do his magic with each video I sent.

But for some reason, I felt that I wasn’t getting enough mileage out of the YouTube channel!

Some videos are actually really damn good… but they weren’t getting any traction at all.

Granted, I’m not using any form of paid advertising to grow my YouTube channel, which I might at some point.

But I was thinking on new ways of reusing the content I upload every week, and that’s how the Content Domination project came to be.

As with every good idea, it came about away from the screen…

I sat down and schemed my entire content production and reproduction in a piece of paper.

I initially grabbed the inspiration from Peng Joon, which made an overview of this “Content Multiplier” formula during his presentation at Funnel Hacking Live 2018.

So, based on this, I went ahead and developed the whole process to populate my Instagram profile, Instagram Stories, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile and Twitter Timeline with the same content.

I’ll still making the last tweaks to the whole process, and I had to hire another VA to help me out here, but the main point is to reuse the content as much as possible.

I’ll keep you updated on the development of this process.

She actually started yesterday (Monday 7-2 – yeah, that’s how much we prepare for this newsletter :P), and she’s been doing great!

So with that being said, I needed to go out and find a bunch of tools for Instagram Stories (which is the main point of this article), and I wanted to share some of them with you.

Are you ready? Let’s Go!

Top 4 Tools To Take Your Instagram Stories To The Next Level

Tool #1 – Long IG Stories

As I mentioned before, I’m taking snippets or “mini-videos” from my main YouTube videos and turning them into assets I can post to my Instagram profile, etc.

Instagram only allows 60 second video max.

But on Instagram Stories case, that’s even worse, because you can only post 10 seconds long videos!

This is changing with the latest Instagram TV launch, but still it’s needs some work.

So what I did was to download this little app to chop my “mini videos” (which are anywhere from 1-2 minutes long) into 10 second chunks.

Then you can upload these videos to Instagram Stories directly from the app.

Pretty cool huh?

Download it here for Android

Download it here for iOS

Tool #2 – Easil

Easil is a lot like Canva, but with the difference that it has a lot of pre-made graphics for Instagram Stories.

Looks like their main focus is to get mobile people to their platform, so they make it super easy to create IG Stories posts from the website.

It’s free and it has a $7.00/mo option for premium graphics, etc.

Check it out here.

Tool #3 – Quik

Quik is a really cool tool I’ve used to create slideshows with images and music from my mobile phone.

In fact, it’s super easy to use (even if you’re not an expert) and it will automatically export the video version on several aspect ratios or sizes for the different networks.

It has a pretty cool library of music as well.

Here’s a video I made for a client to promote his products. It’s been entirely made on the app.

Check it out here.

Tool #4 – Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is similar to Easil, with the difference that’s it a bit more expensive but much more robust.

It’s like the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but online version and with lots of different canva sizes to choose from.

I haven’t personally tested, but a lot of people within the Facebook group seems to swear by it!


Go check it out here.

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