How To Use Facebook And Instagram Stories To Grow Your Brand

Use Facebook And Instagram Stories To Grow Your Brand

Today, I wanted to talk about Stories, and why they’re becoming a boom both on Facebook and Instagram.

The reality is that people are watching stories more and more, and both social networks (FB and IG) are pushing hard to make this happen.

In fact, Facebook just made an overhaul to its mobile app to push stories even further.

Plus, according to this article, Facebook finally reached the 150 million story views a day, and it’s preparing to launch an ad placement for this specific asset.

This increases the inventory of placements we can buy at the moment, since the Timeline is sold out.

I’ve also mentioned in this article of The Power Of Marketing that I’m killing it with stories for lead generation.

They work great for retargeting, webinars and top of the funnel entry pages.

They even work great to send traffic to your blog posts and videos, pixeling people in the process.

So in short, they work…

However, a lot of people get hung up in the hows and whys of Instagram/Facebook Stories… so here are some tips and tricks to make your story creation even better.

How To Use Stories To Grow Your Brand

As with everything online, there are two aspects of stories: Organic and Paid.

The organic side of stories is that they look a lot like a “Reality TV”. If you think about it, people use stories to feel “near” their idols and stars.

The Grid (on Instagram) and the Timeline (on Facebook) posts are more polished and evergreen.

Have in mind that Stories disappear after 24 hours, so a “Reality TV” approach is the way to go.

For examples, I use them to bring attention to the rest of my channels (blog, YouTube, emails, Facebook Lives, etc). I also goof around a lot on stories.

Plus, you can literally SPAM your stories, and nobody will get mad.

If you post a lot of stuff on your Facebook timeline or send a lot of emails, you’ll get complains.

That doesn’t happen with Instagram or Facebook Stories.

If you’re a bit short on ideas, here are some good Stories inspiration in this post from Adspresso.

Now, when it comes to Paid Stories, the game is a bit different.

Videos shouldn’t be longer than 15 seconds, and images should be simple but have stopping power to get the job done.

Again, go back to this article for The Power Of Marketing for some ads examples.

Stories Tools To Make Your Life Better.

With that said, there are some tools you can use to make your life easier when it comes to stories.

Everyone loves tools, right? Here are some of them…

Easil: A freemium tool that allows you to customize your Instagram stories for organic posts and ads.

Hype Type: A mobile app that allows you to add text and shapes to your videos.

Unfold: Allows you to clip long videos or create multiple stories with your images.

Adobe Spark: Allows you to create professional looking graphics for your stories.

Storeo: Convert long videos into 15 second clips with this iOS only tool.

Fighting Back Your Organic Reach

We know that organic reach took a nosedive for pages and personal profiles over the past couple of months, so stories come to solve that.

That’s why leveraging stories is soooo important right now!

I’ve also recorded a YouTube video that explains how you can get your organic reach back with a simple approach and technique.

Check it out:


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