How To Launch A 100% New Website With A Bang?

How To Launch A New Website

A question that I get quite frequently is: “Hernan, how can I launch a website from scratch so that I make sure that I’m firing on all cylinders”?.

This is a really valid question, because if you focus too much on one tactic, say SEO, you might end up waiting a lot to see some results.

Conversely, if you focus straight off the bat on Facebook ads, you might be spending some money that you don’t have or that your project is not generating, and so on…

One thing is certain: You NEED to invest some type of resources in your website.

Whether it is time, connections or money, nothing grows out of nothing 🙂

On this video tutorial, I wanted to kind of give you a “Launchpad”.

Meaning that, if you follow this structure, you will have a blueprint that will allow you to combine SEO with Facebook Ads, Retargeting and Email Marketing.

Enjoy the video!

Click here to download the blueprint.

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