How To Go Live On Facebook And YouTube At The Same Time


How To Go Live On Facebook And YouTube At The Same Time

Be Everywhere At Once

You’ve probably seen guys like Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone going live in several places at the same time, and you end up asking yourself “how the hell are they doing this?”.

Well today, my friend, is your lucky day.

Today I’m going to show you how to go live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time, using a “freemium” strategy (some tools are free, but if you want to get more reach you’ll need to pay for some other tools).

Or maybe, you don’t need to go live on Facebook and YouTube at the same time, but you want to harness the power of Live Streaming to promote your business, which would be a great idea, mind you.

A Couple of Notes To Have In Mind

You don’t NEED to use this strategy if you want to go live on YouTube or Facebook. Both of these platforms already have their own solutions for live streaming. However, if you want to take it up a notch and look much more professional, you’ll need some third party software.

Also, have in mind that you will need a beefy computer and a good upstream connection. I’ve tried livestreaming with a poor connection and it sucks.

It’s frustrating as hell. So I upgraded my home connection just to be able to livestream and go live more!

Other than that, you don’t need any fancy equipment. A regular webcam and some slideshows and presentations will be more than enough-

Open Broadcaster Software Explained

The first piece of software we’re going to be using is called Open Broadcaster Software. It’s a free tool that you can download here, and that you can use to connect to the livestream servers of Facebook and YouTube.

This tool is really powerful. Even if it’s free, it allows you to go full blown with capabilities and make it look like a real professional studio going live. This is my secret weapon to achieve smooth transitions, add my logo, lower thirds, split screens, and whatnot.

They also have a really cool Forum that you can ask questions and get help from the community if you get stuck at any point.

What you need to have in mind is the server settings, where you’ll add your stream server URL and your stream key, and your bandwidth details, depending on your connection.


You can also choose several “scenes” that will transition between each other. For example, I have one scene here where i’m sharing my screen, and another one where I’m just showing my webcam.

You can set this up as complex and add as many things as possible to these scenes.

The other option we’re going to be using is This is optional, but recommended if you want to go live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time.

Basically, with this app you can feed your live stream into Restream and it will automatically stream it to several other channels.

So you’d hook OBS to Restream, and then Restream will stream your signal to YouTube and Facebook (and some other channels too, like Periscope, Twitch, etc).

In this case, instead of using Facebook’s or Google’s keys on OBS, you’d use Restream keys.


All you need to do is to add the channels you want to go live to, add your keys and server URLs and when you start streaming on OBS, Restream will replicate the signal and you’ll be LIVE!

Going Live On Your Events

Once you decided you want to go live, you can schedule your events on Facebook and YouTube. I usually do this in Facebook, since I can pre-schedule an event. On YouTube I just go live using the “Go Live Now” keys.

So I go to my Facebook page, I click on Publishing Tools, then click on Video, then on Live Event, and schedule a live event to go live whenever I want. I then use the keys that Facebook gives me and put them into

Then I share this live event on my group and my timelines, but it all comes out from the Facebook page.

Native Video Is Super Powerful (For Now)

Also have in mind that every live event you do on Facebook, as long as you do it from your page, can be used as an ad later on. So this would be a great time to have call to actions on your videos and foster comments and engagement.

Once you finished your live event, you can even edit the post and turn it into a more “ad-like” type of message and push it with ads.

This is a great way of getting the most out of your livestreams and create awareness, audiences and sales as well!

Should this change at any time, we’ll let you know. But for the time being, Facebook Live Video is super powerful, so make good use of it.

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