How To Get Higher Ticket Agency Clients


How To Get High Paying Clients

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In any case, I wanted to tell you a bit more about my process of getting higher ticket clients for my digital marketing agency. On this last issue, I talked about the questions I ask to my potential new clients, and that’s an integral part of my process.

In that article, I mentioned that I liked getting clients that would pay me handsomely. At some point in my career I would take any type of clients, but those times are long gone.

I discovered that, in order for me to get paid what I wanted, I needed to make a shift in the way I approached my client acquisition. And that’s exactly what I want to share with you today!

So I hope that you enjoy it!

The Client Value Ladder

First off, we need to understand the “client value ladder”. This is a concept I originally learned from Frank Kern (like anything worth learning) and it positions the services you can provide to a client in 3 different “steps” or “value dimensions”.

The first step is the “How To Do Stuff” – In other words, the manual. Courses and workshops fall in this category, where you’re showing the client how to do stuff. This is the model that we practiced in Semantic Mastery for a long time, until we decided to move into the next step of the value ladder.

The next step is the “We Do It With You” step. In this step you’re doing stuff with the client as he implements and you follow it closely. We went ahead and developed this model with the Semantic Mastery Mastermind for example, where we coach and train our students and hold their hands as their develop their businesses.

The third and most valuable step is “We Do It For You”. Basically anything that you can do for your customer and deliver it done so that they don’t have to worry about anything is the best step that you can take.

Any “Done For You” service will be considered more valuable than any “Done With You” or any “Here’s The Stuff Now Go Learn It” service.

Now that we’re on the same page when it comes to The Value Ladder, let’s move into your positioning.

Positioning And The Requirements To Charge Top Dollar

The problem I see many consultants do over and over again is that they position themselves as “doers” and not “makers”.

What this means is that, when they get to talk to a client, they tell them everything they’re going to “do”, and they charge in consequence. So they start their calls by saying “I’m going to do this, and I’m going to do this, and this, etc”.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to have the exact same conversations whenever I was talking to a SEO client. “I will build this amount of backlinks, and I’ll do this, and this and this…”.

Granted, the client wasn’t understanding the value of all of these activities (even if I did), so he wouldn’t pay me what I wanted!

But that was 100% my fault.

The way I solved this was to change the approach I had when talking to clients. So instead of telling them what I would “do” for them, I changed it to what this would “make” for their businesses.

In other words, I simply told them that I would get them more leads, I would make them more money and I would make it ran for their businesses.

That shifted my approach from focusing on all of the B.S. that I knew how to do, and focusing into what the client needed!

They weren’t hiring me to build backlinks or get them more rankings. They were hiring me to make a problem go away. To turn their business around. To get more results!

The minute I understood this, everything changed. I would have better conversations with my potential clients, and since this value was much higher than the previous value, I could charge more.

Imagine this for a minute…

What is more valuable for the client? A guy that would build backlinks or a guy that would get more leads? Even if the vehicle is the same, the value is 100% different!

I noticed some of my students suffer of the “loose mouth syndrome”. Everytime they go on a call with a potential client, they just vomit all they know about SEO, backlinks, PPC, metrics, followers, acronyms, and so on.

This can be fatal!

All you need to do, when talking to a potential client, is to listen more than what you talk. Again, go through this article where I detailed the questions I always ask before jumping on a project.

Here’s a video I recorded for my YouTube channel and I think it makes a lot of sense to put it here. Enjoy!

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