How To Get Great Content Ideas Using Reddit?

Sometimes I struggle with content ideas. You guys ask a lot of amazing questions on both The Power Of Marketing group and Digital Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurs group.

So I do take a lot of the questions you ask and try to craft each newsletter issue answering those questions.

But sometimes, for whatever reason, I just go blank!

I guess it’s normal. We’re being bombarded daily with lots of content and lots of ideas, and then it’s hard to pick and choose between them when the time comes.

One of the best things I’ve found when it comes to writing this newsletter or adding content for my YouTube channel is to always think about them.

Literally, I’m always thinking about this newsletter.

That’s why I have a spreadsheet where I jot down ideas, content sources, potential topics, every week.

I make it a point to at least write down 10 content ideas weekly… and it works!

Creativity and curiosity are muscles that we don’t work out nearly hard enough as other muscles.

So I find it simpler to collect a lot of data from the marketplace, but also to recur to amazing places like or Reddit.

On this article, I wanted to touch base on a simple 3 step process to hunt for amazing ideas using the 6th largest website on the planet!

Yes, Reddit is HUGE!

In fact, it’s so big that sometimes a weird phenomenon happens.

It’s called “The Reddit Hug Of Death”.

It basically means that if your article makes it to the first page of Reddit, and even further on the top spots…

You’d better have a beefy server, because the amount of traffic you’ll get will shut down pretty much any server!

Sometimes Reddit will even shut down sites like The Wall Street Journal because of the insane amount of traffic it can generate!

And not only that… it’s also 43% more engaging than Facebook!

So that goes to show you that people really engage with each “Subreddit” (that’s what each “category” is called within the website), and they really pour their soul and time into them.

So here’s a quick tutorial on how to get amazing content ideas directly from the mouth of Reddit. If you want to get a more detailed explanation, you can go here.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How To Find Content Ideas on Reddit

  1. Relevant Subreddits

    As I mentioned earlier, Reddit is divided into “Subreddits”.

    Which is the Reddit way of calling categories.

    Any user can create new subreddits, and there are millions of them (literally, 1.2 million subreddits).

    So each subreddit has a specific topic surround them, and that’s where you should start.

    By finding the relevant subreddit of the niche you’re trying to research, you are tapping directly into the “community source” of the website.

  2. Look for Keywords

    The next step is to look for keywords. Our friends at Buffer provide us with a list of queries or keywords that uncover needs, wants and pain points of the audience.

    Some of them are:
    “How do you”
    “How can I”
    “I can’t stand”
    “I’m struggling with”
    “Can someone help”
    “Figure out”
    “Help me”
    “Biggest challenge”
    “Biggest challenges”
    “Hardest part”
    “Biggest struggle”
    “Struggle with”

    While you can search on the whole Reddit website for those queries, you want to keep it to only the subreddit you’ve just found.

    That way, all of these queries are relevant to your target audience.

  3. Read The Comments

    Now it’s the time to roll up your sleeves and get dirty into the comments and content, the questions that people are asking and the answers they’re receiving.

    That’s where you’d take your handy notepad or an Excel Spreadsheet, or whatever you want to use, and write down the commonalities between questions.

    Reddit is a much more advanced community than other Q&A places like Quora or Yahoo Answers, so there are really intelligent people come to ask questions and give answers here.

    Pay close attention, because they’ll be a myriad of potential questions you can find, and topic ideas!

    You might also want to read the threads and the comments within comments.

    And you can order the questions by votes, or “what’s hot”, etc.

That way, you’ll never run out of ideas when creating content!

So, I’ll go check out Reddit for a bit to prepare for the next article… See you guys later!

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