How To Get Clients To Pay You More

How To Get Clients To Pay You More

I’m super excited for what we are cooking today, specifically because this edition will help you becoming a boss of client generation and conversions!

One of the things that I get asked a lot is: “Hernan, how can I get better quality clients?”.

I know that many of you guys are talking to people that cannot afford your services, so why does this keep on happening?

Would your time be better spent talking to leads and clients that can really afford the services you offer?

If you answered “Yes”, then let me walk you through the process I use to only talk to leads and potential clients that can afford my services.

How Are You Positioning Yourself?

The first thing that you need to have in mind is how are you positioning yourself.

For example, back in the day when I was starting, I was advertising in all of the wrong places.

I’d go ahead and hire SPAM companies to do mass emailing for me, or I’d place ads on the Craigslist of Argentina.

Needless to say that 98% of the leads that came from there weren’t remotely interested in paying a premium for a good service.

In fact, they were hanging out and lurking in those spaces because they were shopping for price, not for quality or professionalism!

However, at some point I realized about that and I decided to change my approach.

That’s where I launched my first YouTube channel, which was in Spanish back in the day.

I’d make some pretty cool SEO tutorials (which was our main service at that point) and post them online.

That brought us a lot of attention and potential customers that were interested in getting their SEO handled by professionals.

The lesson I learned at that point was that the problem weren’t the leads I was attracting, it was the positioning I was using to sell my services!

In short, I was the one to blame!

Once I came to that realization, everything changed!

So first step is to asses and audit where you’re advertising, where your brand is being featured and what kind of audience you are attracting with these channels.

The Power Of Inbound Marketing

Before we move on, you need to understand the difference between inbound vs outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is simply a fancy way of saying that you’re cold calling, cold emailing and reaching out to cold audiences.

While this is an effective approach to advertising and a lot of companies thrive solely on Outbound marketing, this is by far the most frustrating.

Think about it for a minute: If you’re sending 10 or 15 sales emails per day, you can only expect to get 1-2 responses per week.

Unless you’re super effective and you have some wicked good funnel in place (which will turn it into an inbound lead anyway…), you’re wasting lots of time and resources doing this.

Remember that I told you that, once I started my YouTube channel, everything changed?

That’s because a YouTube channel is an Inbound Marketing tool.

That means that people will go through my videos without me having to say a word, and if they’re interested they’ll reach out to me, instead of the other way around.

Psychologically, there’s a deep transformation between one type of lead and the other.

Ok, I’m Advertising Correctly, Now What?

Of course, this is not the end-all-be-all of your marketing strategy.

Even if you’re advertising on the right places, there will always be people that just want you to consult with them for free.

For example, even when I’m making myself more and more scarce to people, as I build up my personal brand, I get more and more people contacting me…

Which is 100% normal if you think about it.

You get more public, you get more attention and more people wanting to work with you.

So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

How do you only talk to folks that can afford your services?

This process is called “Filtering”.

You need to have in mind that in sales, there’s a “disqualifying” process that needs to take place before you can find your dream clients.

And by disqualifying I mean going through a process where you’re filtering people and making them jumps through “hoops” before they can even talk to you.

This makes things easier for everyone, because nobody is wasting time.

If you’re talking on the phone with every person that comes your way, you’re either crazy or you’ll be in a very short period of time.

I ONLY talk to people after they’ve gone through my filtering form, meaning they are 100% aware of what it’d take to work with me.

I don’t want to surprise anyone!

And I don’t want to feel awkward or salesy or pushy or anything like that on my calls.

So I tell them to go through that form and based on their answers I then decide if they’re a good fit or not.

While I’m doing this on Active Campaign and its forms, you can do this simply with Google Forms.

The technology is not important, what’s important is the copy on the form.

Don’t hide your prices!

A lot of people think they need to hide their prices and be all “secretive” about it.

That’s B.S!

If you hide your prices, people will not know what to expect and if they can even make it to work with you.

In fact, I lead with prices.

For everyone that wants to work with me, I just tell them I charge $1k/hour for consulting and if they’re up for it, we can have a conversation.

Needless to say that this filters 95% of people.

Those Dreaded Closing Calls

If you’re correctly positioned and you have this filtering in place, those dreaded closing calls become 1000% easier!

By this point, you have people actively reaching out to YOU and they’ve gone through the filtering process which makes them even a more qualified client.

Plus, this will free up your time to focus on what really matters: getting more of those type of leads, spending time growing your business, with your family, etc.

I have a script you can use for your closing calls, which has worked really well for me.

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