How To Get Amazing Backlinks For Free?

Let’s talk about backlinks, and why they matter for your website.

Let’s also talk about what kind of backlinks you should be looking for and what kind you shouldn’t approach if you want to succeed with your website.

And by succeed I mean to get more traffics, better Google rankings and more relevancy in your niche.

When most people hear the word “Backlinks” they immediately think about SEO, and on some cases, “Blackhat SEO”.

But that’s not the case on this article.

We’ll be focusing on backlinks that are truly powerful and can bring you sales and new leads.

In my opinion, for a backlink to be really powerful and effective, it needs to check three boxes:

  • It needs to bring traffic to your blog.
  • It needs to be placed in an authority website.
  • It needs to be relevant to your topic.

If you check these three boxes, you’ll be able to get the most powerful backlink you could wish for, that not only will add to your authority but can actually impact your bottom line.

Now, let’s see how you can get these type of backlinks as well.

NOTE: While I try not to focus so much in SEO on this newsletter, I understand it’s a vital part of your online efforts. If you still have SEO specific questions after reading this article, drop them in the Facebook group or ask them in our next Humpday Hangout from Semantic Mastery.

Case Studies

Case studies are one of the best ways you could have to create new backlinks and get a lot of attention from the marketplace.

However, one thing to have in mind is that you don’t want to create a case study for the sake of getting backlinks (those usually end up sucking, BTW).

You want to go as deep as possible and actually take your time in this case study.

Remember that you’re building an asset that can bring leads and sales to you, not just a piece of content to get backlinks.

You also want to write about something you deeply care about or that you know in depth.

If it was my case, I’d go ahead and make a case study of how we got 3.000 new leads to Semantic Mastery in just 4 weeks using a specific retargeting strategy (actually, this is a great topic… I’ll be right back :P).

A key point to have in mind is that you want to format your case study in an easy to follow, easy to understand fashion.

This should appeal to the non-expert as well (and those are the ones that end up hiring an expert… like you!).

And remember to update your case studies regularly.

A lot of people just don’t do this and it’s soooo important. If things change, you can add more to the case study as time passes (and for SEO purposes, this is great!).

Once you’re done with this, you need to promote it (we’ll dive into this in a minute), but make sure you set aside some time to really promote it via outreach and paid ads.


Tied to the topic above, there’s the infographics, which are graphic representations of a topic or a subject.

If you can turn your best blog posts or case studies (repurposing FTW) into an infographic, you have yet another excuse to get great backlinks.

And infographics can be branded with your logo and contact details as well.

But your content needs to be good and in depth. An infographic will not work if it's aimed to just get backlinks (again, these usually suck).

Guest Posts

I love this specific strategy, not only because of the quality backlinks that you get, but also because of the klout, the relationships that you forge and the following you can gather as a result.

However, for backlinks purposes only, it is not worth it.

Trust me.

It takes a long time and a lot of resources to do manual outreach to the type of publications you WANT to be in.

I have one of my team members doing outreach every day, to get featured on different blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, etc.

So if you want to do this for backlinks purposes only, it’s not worth the effort.

However, if you use guest posts to grow your brand, get more leads and more traffic, it’s an amazing strategy.

So your mindset when it comes to guest posting should be: leads and sales first, branding second, backlinks third.

With that said, your guest post needs to be good. Like, really good.

You’re tapping into the audience of someone else’s and you want as much leverage as possible.

One thing I always do (outside of linking back to my main website) is to drop links to my social network profiles.

Without getting too technical, this helps you create an entity around your brand. And hell… you can even gain so follower.

Comments On Relevant Blogs and Videos

Another really effective option is to go ahead and leave relevant (keyword: RELEVANT) comments on successful publications and blog posts.

You need to have in mind two key points when doing this:

  1. The article needs to be relevant, authoritative and popular enough (like any other type of backlink, remember?).
  2. The more insightful your response is, the better result you’ll get.

Some people reach the depth of writing another article in the comments.

And this is advisable if you’re going all in.

Another option is to do this on YouTube. I’ve gain a sizeable amount of followers and visitors just by dropping some “nuggets” in YouTube comments and popular videos.

And remember: social network links (mostly those that belong to Google) still count towards your backlinks!

Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube are great examples of this.

Outreach Is Key

At the end of the day, we’re in the business of generating relationships.

Try to reach out to those publications that you want to get a backlink from and really work toward building a relationship, whether it is with editors or contributors.

Don’t treat this lightly.

There’s a great tutorial by Russell Brunson called the Dream 100, which is the top 100 people you’d like to collaborate with.

They go all in when it comes to this Dream 100, and you should too! Maybe not with 100 people, but start with your top 5 and go from there.

It’s amazing the amount of goodwill and energy we have the luck to experience in this community, so make sure you leverage that as well.

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