How to fix your facebook ads

How To Fix Your Ads From Being Disapproved on Facebook

There are a bunch of things that could get your ads disapproved on Facebook.

And sometimes Facebook does a good job explaining you why, and sometimes it doesn’t.

So here’s a quick guide on what are the main reasons that you could get an ad disapproved and how to modify it so that you can advertise on this platform.

If you want an in depth explanation, here’s a quick article from the folks at that explains it all.

Reasons Why Your Ads Are Being Disapproved

You’re Promoting Banned Or Restricted Products

Not all of the products are suitable to be promoted on Facebook’s platform.

Some of them are flat out banned (like adult services and entertainment, guns, drugs, hate, etc.), and some of them are restricted (like financial services, some weight loss programs, lingerie, etc).

It still amazes me how many people want to promote banned products on Facebook. From time to time I get people wanting to pay me to promote their CBD or Cannabis products… that’s a no-go unfortunately.

So if that’s your case, you might want to start considering promoting on Facebook all together!

There are several other networks and websites that you can use to get traffic to your site.

Bad Experience On The Landing Page

Facebook pays close attention not only to your ad, but also what happens “after” someone clicks on an ad.

If your page is misleading, takes a long time to load or is filled with popups, you might get your ads rejected.

The best type of landing pages to run are those that clearly state what to expect next, or even better, that have free, ungated content that people can consume.

Bad Experience On The Ad

This can be because either your image is just out of place, or maybe your targeting is off.

Sometimes it also happens because you’re going too broad, like for example when trying to scale a campaign, and people just report your ads for no reason.

You can see this under the Publishing Tools of your page, and then sort by Ads. After that, you’ll be able to see if people are hiding or reporting your posts.

Non-Compliant Copy

The reality is that you need to be pretty conservative to be advertising on Facebook.

You cannot be too “out there”, make unsubstantiated claims, post “before and after” type of images or promise that people will have any results whatsoever.

The best thing that you can do for your ads is to be educational and invite people to know more about a certain topic, after you’ve exposed your case.

Non-Compliant Images/Videos

This is kinda new. While you couldn’t post nudity or some specific symbolism (like the swastika cross for example), now they’re paying a lot more of attention to videos themselves.

You need to be careful with WHAT you’re saying in the video as their transcription has become pretty accurate.

They’ve also announced that they’re doing some fact-checking on videos, so have that in mind.

Too Much Text On Your Images

At some point in time, you couldn’t use images that had more than 20% text on them. Nowadays, you can, but supposedly you’ll get your reach reduced (which is debatable).

However, if your images or videos exceed a certain amount of text, they’ll just stop running.

Here’s a free tool that you can use to check if you have too much text in any image or video ad.

Using Facebook Brands Or Logos

While you can mention them on your copy, you cannot mention Facebook and/or their brands on your URL or use their logos on your images.

I’ve used their logo inviting people to my Facebook group and used that as an ad without issues, but they might or might not let you run with it.

Using Personal Attributes

When you’re talking to your audience, be as generic as possible.

Instead of saying “Meet Other Singles” you can say “Meet Singles”.

Don’t ask direct questions or call out your market too hard.

Stuff like “Are You Tired Of Being Fat?” is prohibited.

Try being more mild and writing something like “Here’s What Our Students Experienced After 3 Weeks Of Training”.

Bottom-line: Use Facebook to make people aware of your brand and bring them into your ecosystem. Don’t go too wild with your copy or images and you’ll get a good experience running ads in this platform.

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