How To Cross Promote Between Facebook And Google?

Cross Promotion Between Facebook And Google

Let’s face it: the more you’re in front of your customers, the more they’ll remember your products.

The reality is that, when it comes to retargeting, nothing beats being everywhere.

And that is something that you definitely want to do.

The question is “how”?

And not only how, but “how much is it going to cost me?”

No worries, I got you covered, because on this article I want to give you some cost-effective ideas for you to be everywhere and promote your products and services effectively.

Creating cold audiences on Facebook, remarketing on Google

One of the best things that you can do at this point is to create Cold Audiences on Facebook and get them into your website.

In terms of clicks, Landing Page Views and overall visitors, Facebook is much more cost effective than Google at this point.

For instance, if you have a post that you want to promote, you might as well do it by bringing targeted traffic from Facebook and then having all of your pixels installed on your website.

That way, your pixeling and cooking people for decently cheap.

Plus, you can increase your good-will exponentially if you’re sending people to ungated content (blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc).

Uploading Cross Lists

This is another super powerful option.

Both Facebook and Google allow you to create and upload lists on their platforms.

(At this point, Facebook is a little bit more “friendly” when it comes to uploading the lists, but Google does a really good job too!).

So what you’re doing is uploading your subscribers or past customers list to their database, and they’ll “match” the list to they list of users.

You can then serve ads to hell and back to your subscribers, clients and pretty much anyone that has left an email or their phone number with your company.

Similar And Lookalikes

The third option to promote your content on both networks are “Similar” or “Lookalike” audiences.

On Google, they’re called “Similar” audiences. On Facebook, they’re called “Lookalikes”.

This is how you go for a couple thousand subscribers into the realm of millions of potential customers.

Unfortunately I haven’t been playing nearly enough with Similar audiences, but I know that Lookalike audiences are really accurate!

With the data that Google is managing, I’m getting reports that Similar Audiences on Google could potential kick Facebook’s ass in no time!

More to come about this…

Here are some other ideas from AdSpresso that you might want to implement. Enjoy!

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