How To Create Amazing Videos For Your Business


How To Create Amazing Videos For Your Business

Since we’re in the topic of creating videos, I wanted to give you guys some pointers that have helped me tremendously when it came to creating videos for my channel.

Creating videos can be as complicated and professional as you’d wanted it to be.

In fact, there are no limit on how much you can spend on your setup, lightning, audio, etc.

But we’re here to make things simple, straightforward and actionable.

If you’re taking too long with your setup and with your video quality, then that’s probably not a good idea.

The main point of this guide is to give you some factors so that you can make your videos look nice, professional and polished… without spending a fortune or a lot of time editing!

I’ll also leave some pretty cool resources that helped me increasing the quality of my videos for YouTube and Facebook.

Value + Entertainment = Success

As I mentioned in the video above, people watch videos for entertaining and information purposes.

If you’re doing videos for YouTube and Facebook, you want to have this formula in mind: Value + Entertainment.

This basically means that you want to be entertaining (so that you keep people engaged with your videos) but you also want to provide value or teach something (otherwise, your videos fall into the category of “waste of time”).

You see the big channels and YouTube celebrities within the digital marketing and entrepreneurship space like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, even Tai Lopez and Alex Becker…

Those people know how to teach, but they also know how to grab attention immediately, they know how to entertain and keep the audience engaged while they are teaching something.

I’m not saying you should aim to become a comedian, but there’s a healthy amount of entertainment you can apply to your videos that could give them that extra “boost”.

Grabbing The Attention Fast

When it comes to video, everything is decided over the first 3 seconds, even further when you’re making videos for YouTube or Facebook, and you’re trying to get more people to know your brand and your product.

Over the first 3 seconds of your video, you want to grab the viewer's attention and present them with the overall idea of the video.

We’ll talk about scripting in a minute, but if you want to create videos that bring more leads to your business, make sure you use those first 3 seconds as much as possible.

How To Script Your Videos

For the most part, I wasn’t too fond of scripting my videos. I’d just jump on camera and spit out whatever came to mind.

But once I started scripting my videos, everything changed.

Nowadays I don’t follow a teleprompter-type of script. But I do have some pointers for you to use when scripting your videos.

Every video needs to have an intro when you’re basically telling people what you’re going to teach them and why they should stay (remember the 3 seconds rule?).

Once the intro is done, you can proceed to drop a Call To Action, whatever that is. It can be to subscribe to your channel, follow you on social media, download your free cheat sheet, etc.

After that CTA, you’d go ahead and teach the stuff that you say you’d teach, and then close out with a reminder of the CTA.

So it’d look something like this:

  • Benefit based intro.
  • Call to action.
  • Teaching part (main portion of the video).
  • Call to action and end.

That’s all my scripting and it has been working amazingly well for my channel and to grab leads out of my videos!

Here’s an example of a video I recently made:

Lightning, Audio and Software.

Last, but not least, there’s a lot to say about audio and video. I’m not an expert on this, but over the past 3 years of recording videos I’ve come to certain conclusions.

For example, I’m using a Canon Rebel T3i to film my videos right now, but you could certainly use your phone when you’re starting out. It will get the job done.

Again, you can spend a chunk of change trying to get the best camera or lens out there, but I’d rather have videos out there than wait to get the top of the line equipment.

One key factor to have in mind is lightning. Lightning can change the way your video looks in a lot of ways. To put it in short, you need good lightning pointing at you.

For example, in the place I’m recording my videos right now, I have a big window that gets me a lot of light during the day (which is usually when I’m recording my videos).

And while my lightning is not perfect, you are advised to use natural light or a set of cheap lights that you can buy at Walmart.

The audio of your videos is almost as important as your image. In fact, you could have a mid quality video with great audio, and people will watch it. If you have a great video with crappy audio, people will leave.

Initially I bought a cheap $10 lapel mic and I recorded with that forever. That mic was hooked up to my camera directly, so I’d have audio and video being recorded at the same time.

But a videographer friend recommended that I should record the video separately. So I got a cheap Zoom A1 audio recorder with a Sony lapel mic and it works great.

When it comes to editing, you’ll need to sync your audio file with your video file so that they run together, but that’s really easy to do.

And when it comes to editing software, I just use Sony Vegas, a simple to use platform to get everything done. You can get all fancy with Adobe Premiere, or just use Camtasia and the videos will come out good enough.

Here are some tutorials that you can use to get your video recording setup, up and running!

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