How To Charge More Money For Your Facebook Ads Services?

One of the main issues I see with Facebook ads consultants (and digital marketers in general), is that they don’t know how to position themselves so that they can make more money.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re offering SEO, PPC, web design, etc.

One of the most used (and abused) resources that some of my students put in practices is to lower their prices, with the objective of just closing a new client.

Then, weeks or months after, they realize that they’ve made a big mistake.

They find themselves overworked and underpaid.

Just because they couldn’t position themselves from the get go.

There’s also another factor to consider when it comes to “lowering your prices”.

If you lead with cheap prices, you’ll always lose that war.

Meaning, there are people at the other side of the world that could undercharge you all day long.

They have cheaper cost of living and wages are ridiculously low.

So why would you go to a war that you know it’s going to be lost anyways?

In other words, what’s the difference between a Facebook Ads guy in India that charges $500/mo and myself, when I charge $4000 and upwards per month.

Maybe we’re doing the same thing… who knows!

But the client ends up hiring me, just because of the value I can provide to their company.

So I never, ever, talk about price or activity.

But I always talk about value and revenue.

Here’s a quick video I recorded a while ago, showing you how to get high ticket clients for your agency and the importance of positioning.

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