How To Build A Powerful Facebook Ads Funnel


Are you struggling to know what kind of goals and audiences you should be using for each step of your funnel?

Worry not!

We have you covered!

In this tutorial we’ll talk about how to create a powerful Facebook Ads Funnel so you never have to worry about choosing the wrong objective for your Facebook Ads.

But First, What Is A Facebook Ads Funnel?

Basically speaking, you can replicate your “regular” sales funnel (your landers, your propositions, etc.) in Facebook ads so that you’re meeting the audience where they’re at.

So you’re serving ads to them according to their “temperature” and how much they have interacted with your brand.

There are basically 3 types of audiences for Facebook Ads

  • Top of the funnel (cold audiences).
  • Mid of the funnel (warm audiences).
  • Bottom of the funnel (hot audiences)

Watch the video below to learn how to setup your first Facebook funnel and what type of goals to use at every step of the way.


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