How To 3X Your Content Production In Half The Time


Have you seen how some people seems to be creating and putting out content pretty much all the time, while some others are hiding and lurking and they never get heard?

There’s a simple trick that I’ll show you today that can ease the burden of creating too much content and having to come up with a thousand different ideas for your audience.

There’s something you need to know beforehand though: People don’t need more content. We’re already drowning in content, since it’s being produced at a far greater pace that we could ever consume it.

Plus, you don’t need to come up with a NEW piece of content every time you want to promote your business. In fact, most of your content will never be seen or consumed by your audience.

This should be a huge relief for you, since now you can use the same content over and over again, without annoying anyone or having to come with a thousand of different content ideas.

Why I Love Video

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love video. Not only because I think it’s the best form of communication with your customers because it generates rapport almost immediately.

But also, video is the most complex form of content to create. It requires audio, video, images AND content… all at the same time!

Have in mind that there’s a big chance your competitors are not using video to promote their products or services, so you can leverage this strategy.

When I say video, it doesn’t necessarily means that you need to be in front of a camera, all polished and perfect like an infomercial. In fact, that could only happen once or twice in your career…

Hell, I don’t even have polished videos at all!

What I mean is that you can record the screen if you’re camera shy, or you can get clients filming your stuff for you (like on video testimonials). Worse case scenario, you can always go to and hire someone to do the videos for you.

Some online brands have made their entire videos by hiring a spokesperson to represent their brands, while the owners remain unknown.

Enter The Audio Game

Now that you have your video, you can use it to post it on YouTube or Facebook. You can even use some money to boost those videos by using Video Views campaigns. This will allow you to get your video viewed by a lot of people in a short period of time.

However, a lot of your customers are not on YouTube or Facebook. In fact, they might not even consume video. So instead of losing them, what you can do is to take the audio of these videos and upload it to a free service such as Soundcloud.

This will also allow you to have an audio version of every video you have, which makes consuming it easier. In fact, a lot of Semantic Mastery students asked us to rip the audio of our Humpday Hangouts so that they can listen to them on their cars or while on the gym.

You can do this with a free software call Audacity or you can find a free service on Google that will turn YouTube videos into MP3s.

It’s crazy the amount of people that go to YouTube just to listen to music.

Populating Your Blog

Now that you have your video uploaded and your audio in Soundcloud, you can go the extra mile with your video content and get it transcribed on a place like

This is the best price-quality relation service that I could personally find online.

There are some tools that can “auto” transcribe the videos, but the result is not as good. Plus you’re only paying $1 per minute, so if you record short videos you can get a bunch of them transcribed for cheap.

The way you use these transcriptions is to populate your blog with content. Remember that your blog will rank on Google, so you’re adding a lot of linkjuice flowing back to your posts and your blog, which will give you even more exposure.

I like to make a short summary of the post and then paste the transcription as you can see below.

Additional Material: Still Shots, Quotes and Infographics

Another great option from doing videos is that you get a lot of additional material. For example, you can get still shots from those videos, edit them in a software like Canva and you have quotes and images for your posts.

Additionally, you can get someone on Fiverr or Upwork to create infographics out of your best videos, that you can give away as PDFs for free, and collect some emails in the process.

By far, video is the best way to do this since it will allow you to get a lot more mileage from your efforts and triple your content production in half the time.

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