Facebook’s New Dynamic Ad Setup Step By Step


How To Test A Lot Of Stuff, Fast?

If you’re approaching Facebook ads (or any kind of advertising for that matter) correctly, you’ll know that everything is a test.

Even when you have a working product, a working creative and a working message, you still want to test as much as possible.

You never know when your ads are going to be exhausted or when you’ll need to pivot strategies to keep yourself current.

That’s why I’m always so adamant about split testing.

In fact, we’ve gone through split testing of images and headlines in depth in previous issues, and we’ll continue to do so in the upcoming ones.

However, if you wanted to really to split test in Facebook, it could be a little bit of a pain.

For example, if you had four images, four headlines, and four body-copies and you wanted to split test them all at once, there wasn’t an easy way other than duplicate your ads like a maniac and end up with a small army of ads.

That’s one of the main reasons tools like Qwaya and Adspresso made it simpler and easier when it came to split test and duplicate a lot of ad sets.

In fact, if you wanted to test something like The Michigan Method to launch your campaigns, you definitely needed a third party application, otherwise, the Power Editor would crash on you!

Split Testing On The Fly

At some point, Facebook added the feature of “split testing” on the fly.

That would allow you to create two identical ad sets, but target them to different demographics and audiences. This was handy, to a point, but I didn’t end up using them… habits die hard, it seems.

Right now, if I want to target the same ad set to different audiences, I just duplicate the ad set, change the targeting and that’s it.

However, Facebook added a new cool feature for us to split test a lot faster and easier, which is the Dynamic Ads creative.

This looks a lot like a “Multivariate split-test,” where you’d have several variations of headers, images, and call to actions in the same landing page, and let the tool do the optimization for you, coming up with the best possible version of your landing page.

I think this is a great approach by Facebook since you’d just feed into it your main images, headlines, and body-copy and let it combine and run it to the whole audience. This will give you the best possible ad (combining images, headlines, and body-copy) for your campaign.

I’ve created a short tutorial showing you how to setup these Dynamic Ads step by step. Here it is:

These are the steps:

  1. Create a new campaign, a new ad set, and new ad, and save it as a draft.
  2. Pick your objectives as you normally would at the campaign level.
  3. Choose your targeting as you normally would on the ad set level.
  4. When configuring your new ad set, activate the option of “Dynamic Ad Creative.”
  5. Feed your variations into the ad section. You can have several images, body copy, and headlines that will be combined.
  6. Let it run for a bit, with a higher-than-normal budget, so that Facebook can collect that data.
  7. After you’re done testing, go into the Breakdown and pick the “Asset” option, so you know exactly which combination worked the best.
  8. Write this down and create a new ad set as you normally would, using these variables.

Update: Here’s how to get the Dynamic Creatives separated as to what it’s working and what isn’t.

Do you have questions about this process? Drop them in the Facebook group!

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