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Working With Small Audiences On Facebook

  Working With Small Audiences On Facebook Have you ever wondered how to work with a small list or with a small geographic location on Facebook? A lot of people think they need to target a couple of million users in order to be successful with their Facebook advertising. The reality is that you only […]

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How To Use Stories To Sell More

  How To Use Stories To Sell More Storytelling Your Way To Success I want to give you a hint of what the highest paid copywriters and marketers do to convince their clients to buy more from them, and it has to do with storytelling. Initially, I wasn’t big into storytelling. I’m mostly a FACTS […]

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Facebook-Zero – What Is It And How To Overcome It?

  Facebook Zero For all of you guys that have been living under a rock, here’s what Mark Zuckerberg announced regarding the amount of advertising on the timelines and whatnot. Shortly after that, Adam Mosseri, head of News Feeds, announced they are tweaking the timeline to get people “closer together”. Basically, they are saying that […]

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Instagram Story Ads

  Instagram Story Ads Zigging When Everyone Is Zagging You’ve probably gone through this already: You’re looking through your stories, doing the usual stalki… I mean, social thing… and BAM, an ad pops up on your screen. It can be a video or an image, but it’s an ad nonetheless. As a wise person you […]

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Learn How To Create Facebook Ads On A Budget

  Facebook Ads On A Budget Everyone thinks that you need to spend a lot of money when it comes to running ads on Facebook. That is simply not true. Granted, like any other platform, the more money you invest (and as long as you have a strong funnel), the more results you will have. […]

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