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Boosted Posts Are Going Away!

As usual, one of our main goals with this newsletter is to keep you on top of news regarding marketing, advertising, and the changes that are being produced on the platforms.

Think about it for a minute: when you’re advertising you want to get as much mileage for your money as possible, and you want to know when things are happening, as they are happening!

If that’s your case, we got you covered 🙂

In this article, we wanted to focus on some new changes to the Facebook platform, so that you can immediately and instantly start working on them and they don’t catch you off guard.

New Changes: Power Editor and Ads Manager Have Finally Merged.

While Facebook has been announcing this for a while, they’ve finally make it happen. Now the Power Editor and the Ads Manager are now together in what we’ve called “The Power Manager”.

In my opinion, this is great news, since it will allow you to easily duplicate, create and upload ads and ad sets the way the pros do it.

When you’re starting to create a new campaign, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to create it the “guided” way, which was the method you used if you were using the Ads Manager to create your campaigns.

Or you can now create them the “Power Editor” way, which is way faster and streamlined (if you’re already familiar with the process.

You’ll also notice that the changes to your campaigns are not instant (as they used to be on the Ads manager), but they take a little bit of time to upload.

Just have that in mind when editing them.

In my opinion, this is a great move. If you’ve been advertising for a while, having the ability to duplicate, create and expand your campaigns quickly saves you a lot of time and prevents potential mistakes with your ads.

Boosted Posts Are Going Away.

As an additional note, have in mind that boosted posts are going away. Some of you guys might still be using the Boosted Post feature to get additional awareness or engagement on your posts, but they are starting to go away.

One of the things that you’ll notice is that the boosted posts are starting to get less and less reach, in a effort to move the advertisers to the ads manager. So if you’re starting to get less results with your boosted posts, this might be the reason.

It hasn’t been officially announced, but one of our Facebook sources confirmed that the boosted posts are going away, so you won’t be able to perform this action as it is right now.

However, we’ll show you how to “boost” your posts from the Power Manager so that you can keep getting results no matter what.

How To “Boost” Posts From The Power Manager

If you want to boost posts from your new Power Manager, the drills is pretty simple. Plus you’ll have a lot more opportunities to choose the campaign objectives and targeting, that were not available on the regular boosted posts interface.

Once you post on your Facebook page, what you want to get is the Unique ID for your post. This can be done by clicking on the date and grabbing the last string of numbers. That’s the unique ID or permalink related to your posts.

Once you do that, you’d configure your campaign as usual, but on the targeting section, you’d choose your Facebook fans (or people that followed your page), or any other kind of targeting for that matter.

In order to get the same “lifetime budget” option that you’d have with the boosted posts, you’ll need to choose that on the budget section (lifetime instead of daily budget).

Now on the creative selection, you want to select the option to Use Existing Post and paste the Unique ID, so you can choose that specific post to boost. So you’d stack up social proof on that specific post and you’ll be showing it to your audience.

This is also advisable when you’re creating ads for regular campaigns and targeting multiple demographics.

Instead of creating multiple original ads for new ad sets, you’d want to just create one original ad and then use the same Unique ID for the rest of the ad set.

Pro Tip: Target Your Existing Audiences For The Initial Juice

One of the best moves you can make when doing Facebook ads is to build your own audiences.

So for example, instead of targeting the pool of people everyone else is targeting (with interest targeting and the like), you’d want to create your own audiences, such as people that like your page or visit your website.

This will create an unique configuration and population of audience within Facebook, thus plummeting the cost per click, per thousand impressions, etc.

Initially, when you’re running any kind of ad set, you’d be better off running to your own audience, so that you can gain that initial traction. Facebook loves engagement, and usually you can get better engagement when running ads this way.

You’ll get the initial traction that you need and then you can use the same Unique ID for the post, targeting other audiences.

Pretty cool indeed!

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