3 Marketing Skills To Create More Engaging Content


We all want to create more engaging content. Whether it is for our fans or our clients, we want them to consume our content and to take ACTION.

On this article, we’re going to uncover three marketing skills that, if you develop them, will allow you to create more engaging content that converts better.


This is one of my top marketing skills, that when applied to the content you’re producing, can explode your sales and engagement.

I’m talking about implementing storytelling in your emails, in your videos, in your landing pages. In fact, we talked about Storytelling and the importance of it to sell more in the Issue #7 of The Power Of Marketing.

However, as I mentioned in that article, storytelling is not just about telling stories.

Rather, there’s a better specific formula that you can use to hook your story to the product, service or idea that you want to push to your audience.

One of the best formulas is called “Star, Story, Solution,” which I originally learned from Russell Brunson, and I’ve been implementing it for the past year with amazing results.

Here’s a video explaining the “Star, Story, Solution” framework in detail.

It’s a bit long, but it’s so worth it that I strongly suggest you take some time off and take some serious notes.

As you can see, this framework can help you hook up your story with your product or service.

So instead of just saying “This product is awesome, you should buy it from me”, you’re telling a story that relates to that product.

And everyone loves stories, right?


Another super important marketing skill that you need to develop to create amazing content is the ability to collaborate with other experts.

You might have noticed that I’m always mentioning someone I learned this from or getting people to comment on the Facebook groups, or even getting people invited to my YouTube channel.

Relationships are key in this industry.

And many of us go into online marketing because we don’t want to talk to anyone.

Ironically, if you don’t network and show up, you will end up struggling with little leverage.

Collaborating is a major asset because even when you’re showing other people’s content or citing your sources (which I strongly recommend you do), you’re the one controlling the conversation.

That’s why I love Facebook group so much. Or any kind of groups.

They help me control the conversation and set up space so that people can communicate with each other.

However, collaborating doesn’t only refer to external collaboration, but internal collaboration as well.

If you’re a “one man show,” you’re probably doing it all by yourself:

You’re generating the content, you’re getting it shared, and then you’re analyzing its performance (I’ll talk about analyzing in a bit).

However, you can split your tasks and get a VA for cheap doing the social sharing.

That will allow you to focus on the content creation and leave the sharing to your VA (which you can also use a Content Syndication Network as I mentioned in the first article).


This is, by far, one of the most valuable skills you can develop as a marketer.

Analyzing what your content is doing and how it is performing is crucial if you want to expand what’s working and kill what’s not working.

There are several tools that will allow you to analyze the performance of your content.

Here are some of them:

Google Analytics – The good ole’ Analytics can help you understanding what content is the most popular in your blog or website so you can expand on it.

Buffer – If you’re posting in your social media channels with a tool like Buffer, it will tell you when your social media profiles are more active and when it is advisable to post on them.

YouTube Analytics – When it comes to knowing how your videos are performing, YouTube analytics are the best way to go.

You can see which topics are the hottest in your channel and what questions you’re NOT answering (so you can record videos about them!). Pair this with VidIQ and you have a lot of powerful information right there.

Facebook Insights – If you’re running a group or a Facebook page, you want to use the insights as much as possible. For Facebook pages, you want to go into the insights area to see which posts are performing the best so you can boost them.

For Facebook Groups, however, you want to check the group insights, to see what posts are getting the most engagement and traction. You can also use a tool like Grytics to get another look on your group growth and interaction.

Awario – This is a pretty cool tool I started testing a couple of days ago. It will allow you to have some tracking on your brand’s mentions and who is sharing your content. This is great to analyze which content is “catching fire” so you can piggyback on it!

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